An excellent location for observing and imaging the heavens

At 4000 feet elevation, typically above haze, smoke, and humidity of the San Joaquin Valley, this ridgetop site is far from sources of light pollution. Yet the climate is mild enough in winter for comfortable visual observing, often with excellent seeing and transparency.

Current Clear Sky Chart from

A dark sky site

The sky is mostly free of artificial sky glow, only the western and southwestern parts have significant light pollution. To the east of zenith the sky is near the natural limit. Below is the predicted zenith sky brightness from the New World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness , Dan is a co-author of this scientific research paper.


Comfort, convenience, support

The house is situated where a telescope can be set up in the front yard for unobstructed views, especially of the southern sky. Imaging equipment may be set up and run from inside the house with only 50 feet of cabling or wireless connections.